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May 2024 winner- Diana Marquart

Diana Marquart – FACS Teacher – Franklin Middle School

The person who nominated Mrs. Marquart wrote.....


“Mrs. Marquart works with all of the students in the building. Her classes are extremely popular and students are learning real-life skills while having fun. She tries to keep her activities fresh and engaging like she did with her eighth-grade students last week by introducing the Food Truck Challenge. They took this business venture many ways - she started by building the truck and moved into creating menus to making the food (desserts). It was all followed by working on personal finances.  

Mrs. Marquart has been working hard the last two years finishing her FACS degree from Minnesota State University.  She has many great characteristics that her students appreciate including patience, fun-naturedness, and an ability to connect on a personal level. We are lucky to have her at FMS!”


Congratulations Mrs. Marquart!

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