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March 2024 winner- Darla Hegge

Darla Hegge - 4th Grade Teacher - Challenger Elementary School

The person who nominated Mrs. Hegge wrote.....

"Darla had both my daughter and son. Even now, all these years later, if you ask them about who was their favorite teacher, her name will be the first one mentioned. Why? First, she is passionate. She absolutely attacked the curriculum and brought it alive for my students. Second, she works very hard to create positive relationships with parents. Whenever we went in for conferences, it was a spectacle. She was warm, welcoming, and always went out of her way to show off how well our kids were doing. I always knew that my children had a strong advocate in Darla. Finally, she has been a champion for kids. Whether it's listening to her talk about how much she loves each and every class, whether it's seeing now how many of my students still write about her and the impact she had on them, or whether it's seeing her work hard with her colleagues to inspire them and to show them what it looks like to truly put kids first. Darla is amazing. I can think of no teacher who deserves to be recognized more than her."

Congratulations Mrs. Hegge!


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