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General Scholarships

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  • Class of 1993 Endowment Scholarship
Gannon Hejlik Memorial Scholarship

The 2022 Gannon Hejlik Memorial Scholarship was presented to
Karleen Wilde by (from left) Ashley Hejlik and Taryn Hejlik.

The Gannon Hejlik Memorial Scholarship has been established for any Lincoln High School graduate who is enrolling in a two or four year college.

Gannon Hejlik loved fishing, 4 wheeling, golfing, spending time at the lake with his family, and having fun with his many friends. Gannon enjoyed playing video games, making and editing videos in school, and was very knowledgeable when it came to computers. Gannon loved all aspects of music and was an active choir member. Gannon also loved animals and volunteered and spent time at the local humane society. Gannon had a great sense of humor and could make anyone laugh or lift their spirits. Gannon was friends with everybody and was a very kind-hearted and caring person.

Establishing this scholarship are Gannon's parents Paul and Ashley Hejlik, Taryn Hejlik, his brother and sister Aron and Aliya Hejlik, and from the proceeds of donations given in Gannon's memory.


'74 Prowlers Music Scholarship

Board Member Polly Gustafson presented the 2022 '74 Prowlers Music Scholarship to Karleen Wilde.

The '74 Prowlers Music Scholarship is awarded to a Lincoln High School graduate.

Amren-Jacobson Scholarship

Board Member Darla Hegge presented Jacey Novak with the 2022 Amren-Jacobson Heritage Scholarship.

From left:  Cheryl Amren Granlund, Marlys Amren McKinstry, Thomas Amren, Richard Amren 

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Richard ('54), Thomas ('56), Marlys ('58) and Cheryl ('62) Amren, in appreciation of the education they received while growing up on the family farm near St. Hilaire, are pleased to endow the funds to make the Amren-Jacobson Heritage Scholarship Fund possible.  Also included are their extended family members, grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles and cousins, as a tribute to their family heritage and as a memorial.  They feel very fortunate to have had many dedicated teachers during their elementary school, junior high school, and senior high school years that laid the foundation for their futures.

Scholarship applicants must meet the following criteria deemed permanent and unchangeable:

  • Applicant must be a current year graduate of Lincoln High School, Thief River Falls, Minnesota, and live within the boundary of what would have been the St. Hilaire School District.

  • Applicant and his/her parents must be United States citizens by birth or adoption.

  • Applicant must have at least a 2.5 GPA average or better in all subjects in order to be considered for this scholarship and must maintain for its duration at least a 2.5 GPA in all subjects and provide grade records to the Thief River Falls Education Foundation before funds are paid to the school for the next semester.  Failure to maintain a 2.5 GPA will void this scholarship.

  • Consideration should/will be made for applicant if a financial need is indicated.

  • Applicant should be involved in extra-curricular activities, community projects, and service.

  • If any year there is no qualified applicant, scholarship will not be awarded.

Farmers Union Oil Company Scholarship

The 2022 Farmers Union Scholarship was Presented to Dylan Hahn, Annika Christensen, Rachel Blawat, Jenae Johnson, Daniella Niebuhr and Alex Von Holtum (not pictured) by Board Member Dave Onkka.

Farmers Union Oil Company of Thief River Falls and Goodridge are pleased to announce the establishment of the Farmers Union Oil Company Scholarship.  The inaugural scholarship will be awarded to seniors in the graduating class of 2011.  The number of seniors receiving the scholarship will be based on a percentage of all gas sales at the pump at the 3rd and 8th Street Cenex locations in Thief River Falls, and Cenex in Goodridge.

  • Established in 1937, Farmers Union Oil Company has long been a supporter of youth in the community.
  • Scholarships will be awarded to graduating seniors who are furthering their education after high school.
  • To be eligible to apply, student's family must be a member of the cooperative.
  • Students are required to write an essay of 500 words or less discussing what a cooperative is and what cooperatives have done for the region.
  • Scholarship applications will open on January 15, 2013.  Applications must be submitted by April 3, 2013.  Award announcement will be in May of 2013.
  • Farmers Union Oil Company is a member-owned cooperative.
  • You do not have to be actively involved in farming to be a member.

For more information regarding the application process, or to apply for the scholarship, please see the counselor at the Goodridge High School in Goodridge, or the Thief River Falls Education Foundation, 230 LaBree Avenue South, Thief River Falls, MN  56701.

Alice & Roy Lee Scholarship

Larry Lee presented the 2022 Alice & Roy Lee Scholarship to Jaymin Klosterman.

Roy and Alice have longed to give back to Roy's alma mater and have done so through this scholarship. A student who has lettered in a sport at Lincoln High School, has a grade point average of 2.5 or better and attends a college in Minnesota or North Dakota is eligible to apply. The first awarding will be in May of 2008.

Roy was born in Thief River Falls, grew up and attended grade school and high school there. After high school he worked for two years then attended the University of Minnesota and graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering. After college he joined the Navy Seabees and was honorably discharged as an Ensign.

After service he went to Ohio to work in construction, building power plants, where he met his wife. He worked in Michigan where they lived for about a year before returning to Thief River Falls in 1950 to honor his mother’s wishes. Roy retired in 1985. He and Alice live in Spring Hill, Florida, after being snow birds for many years. Roy was very active in golf and tennis until the asbestos lung cancer weakened him to the point that he didn’t have the strength to be active. Roy passed away November, 2007. Their four children all attended grade school and high school in Thief River Falls.

Web Maves Family Scholarship

The 2022 Web Maves Family Scholarship was presented to Madison Bregier by Board Member Holly Haugen.

The W.G. Maves Family Scholarship was established in Web's memory to give back to the children in the community. The importance of youth was witnessed in everything Web did.

Web tried to attend all High School football, basketball, hockey games, and wrestling matches. The Maves family has had Boys State Hockey tickets since 1970. When in Tucson and unable to get to games, they gave them to TRF hockey program.

Web helped with boy scouts and he was interested in helping youth in any way.

He was very active in the Redeemer Lutheran Church and the TRF Kidney Foundation in fund raising and as an officer. Web was an avid sportsman, he thoroughly enjoyed hunting and fishing.

The Web’s family consists of wife, Hazel, son James and his wife Deborah. Web was drafted into the Service, applied for Officers Candidate School and was honorably discharged as a Captain. He was an auto parts salesman for Lind Motor Supply, operated Maves Standard Service on 2nd & Main, and sold lots in the Sherwood Forest Addition, which they had purchased with friends and named the addition and streets.

Web passed away June, 1992. The scholarship was established for the child of a single parent.

Bob Miller Memorial Scholarship

The 2022 Bob Miller Memorial Scholarship was presented to Brady Kasprick by Danita Torkelson, Phyllis Miller & Darla Hegge.

This scholarship is awarded to a Lincoln High School graduate seeking a degree in the field of Agriculture.

Don & Sylvia Olson Memorial Scholarship

Board Member Dave Onkka presented the 2022 Don & Sylvia Olson Memorial Scholarship to Jack Onkka.

Don L. Olson graduated from Lincoln High School in 1937. When he was discharged from the Army in 1945, he returned to Thief River Falls and began his accounting service. In 1949 he became affiliated with Thief River Falls Radio. He broadcast Region 8 hockey and the state hockey tournament for over 30 consecutive years. He was known as "Mr. Hockey" in Region 8. He also broadcast or was Color Man for Lincoln High School football, basketball and baseball. It can be safely said that he was one of the Prowler’s most faithful and avid fans throughout his lifetime. He retired in 1982 and after fighting Parkinson’s disease and cancer, he died March 21, 1992.

A scholarship has been established in his memory.

Operation Tutu Scholarship

Josie Johnson was presented with the 2022 Operation Tutu Scholarship by LHS Staff Member Stacey Leake.

The Operation Tutu Scholarship is sponsored by the Key Club.  Applicant must be a Lincoln High School graduate or attending the NCTC/TRF campus that has an immediate family member or care giver touched by cancer (sibling, parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent). Applicant must write an essay of 500 words or less explaining how cancer has affected their life.  Must include relationship of family member (sibling, parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent). 

St. Hilaire Lions Club Scholarship
The 2022 St. Hilaire Lions Club Scholarship was presented to Logan Dahle.

St. Hilaire Lions Club Scholarships are awarded to applicants who have completed two quarters or one semester of schooling at an accredited college or technical school and live within the boundaries of the former St. Hilaire School District or have a parent who is currently a member of the St. Hilaire Lions Club.

The St. Hilaire Lions Club has been a supporter of the TRF Education Foundation for over 17 years. They have provided scholarships to help students further their education as the costs of education continue to rise. The Lions motto is "We Serve".

John Schmitz Memorial Scholarship

The 2022 John Schmitz Scholarship was presented to Grace Bohnenkamp by Jeff Schmitz.

The John Schmitz Memorial Scholarship has been established to provide greater educational opportunities for Lincoln High School graduates.

John Schmitz was a passionate teacher whose career began in 1962 and lasted 33 years.  During his time as an educator, he touched many students lives resulting in increased achievement and success for each individual who knew him.

Scholarship eligibility will be based on the following criteria:  3.0 or higher GPA, attendance to an accredited college and financial need.

TRF Foundation Scholarship

Board Members Jake Rantanen & Darla Hegge presented the 2022 TRF Foundation Scholarship to (from left) Taylor Engebretson, Ethan Osowski, Ellie Brickson, Sydney Ralph, Lydia Nelson, Aiden Warne, Tristan Kalvoda, (not pictured) Brandi Linner.

This scholarship is awarded to a Lincoln High School graduate who is attending Northland Community & Technical College in Thief River Falls.

Delores & Wallace Torkelson Scholarship

Kari Torkelson presented Karleen Wilde with the 2022 Delores & Wallace Torkelson Scholarship

Growing up in Thief River Falls and graduating from Lincoln High School, Wallace and Delores Torkelson shared a love of their community and an interest in providing opportunities for young people to succeed.

Parents of five children, they saw how important scholastic achievement and leadership abilities were in building self-esteem.  They taught their children that there were no barriers to what they could accomplish.

As a Girl Scout through high school, Delores (Dodie) Torkelson saw firsthand how Girl Scouts develop the skills and lessons that serve them throughout their life.  The friendships she made during her years in a troop led by Mrs. L. B. Hartz lasted her lifetime.

The Delores and Wallace Torkelson Scholarship Fund was started to provide scholarships to young women who have learned leadership skills from participating in at least five years of Girl Scouts, in order that they may continue toward their lifetime of leadership by attending college and, hopefully, giving back to their communities.

This scholarship will go to a Lincoln High School graduate with a 3.5 GPA who has displayed  leadership skills from participating in service organizations with preference given to a current or former Girl Scout.

Jerry Stenseth Scholarship

Emma Christianson was presented with the 2022 Jerry Stenseth Memorial Scholarship by Mike Spears.
Heidi Anenson Memorial Scholarship

Board Member Polly Gustafson presented the 2022 Heidi Anenson Memorial Scholarship to Karleen Wilde.
Mark Welter World Citizen Award

The 2022 Mark Welter World Citizen Award was presented to Rebecca Ballard by Board Member Holly Haugen.

Mark Welter was a world history/world religions teacher at the secondary and college levels for over 50 years. He taught with the goal of preparing young people to adapt to the needs of/for a cooperative, interdependent, peaceful world.  As a retired teacher, he wants to continue his aspirations by aiding students who demonstrate an awareness of our prevailing world realities:  No single nation can successfully address the universal dilemmas of global warming, global terrorism, global eco-disasters, and global pandemics.

The Mark Welter World Citizen Award is given to a Lincoln High School graduate who is majoring in sociology, ecology, history or biological science. 

Dionne Ammerman Memorial Scholarship

Carter & Leslie Rogalla and Rocky & Barb Ammerman presented Kaden Mostrom and Alex Von Holtum (not pictured) with the 2022 Dionne Ammerman Memorial Scholarship.
Diane Hellie Memorial Scholarship

Jeanne Olson was presented with 2022 Diane Hellie Memorial Scholarship by Board Member Jake Rantanen.


The "RISE" scholarship was started/created by Sara Kalinoski, a 2005 LHS graduate. The "RISE" scholarship will be a annual scholarship of $1,000, paid to one LHS graduating senior attending a 2 or 4 year college. This scholarship will be for black, indigenous people of color. Special consideration (but not requirement) for students with a 3.5 or higher GPA, in financial need, and have a community or extracurricular involvement.

Karmen Lee Ortloff & Karla Ortloff Scholarships for Women

The 2022 Karmen Lee Ortloff & Karla Ortloff Scholarships for Women was presented to Karleen Wilde and Kylee Stroble by Board Member Jake Rantanen.
Lunke Family Scholarship


The 2022 Lunke Family Scholarship was presented to Katelyn Stephens.

This scholarship is set up by Brent and Deb Lunke, scholarship recipient must be a Lincoln High School graduate who has a GPA of at least 3.0. Must be in good standing at school and be in active in extra- curricular activities.

Roger & Ardy Tunberg Scholarship

Josie Johnson and Zach Wikert received the 2022 Roger & Ardy Tunberg scholarship, presented by (left) Board Member Dave Onkka, Ardy Tunberg, Jeff Tunberg and Thomas Tunberg.
Clyde & Verna Christensen Scholarship

The 2022 Clyde & Verna Christensen Scholarship was presented to Brady Kasprick by Foundation member Dave Onkka and Clyde Christensen.

This Scholarship will be awarded to a Lincoln High School graduate who is pursuing a career in agricultural related area. Preference will be given to students of farm families, with a GPA of 2.7 or higher.

Adam Jacobson Memorial Scholarship

The 2022 Adam Jacobson Memorial Scholarship was presented to Karleen Wilde and Brady Olson by (Adams parents) Curtis & Sandra Jacobson & (nephew) Jack Manning.
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