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Other Grants

  • Augmentative & alternative communication devices for students who are unable to communicate orally
  • Breakout EDU kits
  • Start-up golf curriculum and equipment for beginning golfers with disasbilities
  • 6 ipads with cases for hearing and vision screenings
  • 2-day visit/concert with Mark Wood
  • SmartBoard for ALC
  • Guest artist Mark Wood and "Electrify Your Strings"
  • Digital camera for ALC
  • Junior Golf
  • Academic Boosters Club
  • Health Careers & School Nursing needs
  • Defibrillators
  • Special Education
  • Audio Enhancement stations
  • Multimedia projector
  • SuperSwitchEnsemble music program
  • MAEF Publicity for Academic Boosters Club
  • Donation to the Chess Club for the Annual Chess Tournament
  • Canvas Painting Supplies for the Summer "Free Kids Canvas Painting" program
  • Jr. Golf
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