In order to keep all of our members and alumni current with what's going on at the Foundation, the Thief River Falls Education publishes a newsletter twice each year.  We also publish a monthly on-line newsletter.  For your convenience, we have archived our past newsletters.  You must have Acrobat Reader to view the pdf files. 

E Focus Newsletter Archive

Jan. 2018
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Feb. 2018
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Mar. 2018
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Apr. 2018
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May 2018
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Jun. 2018
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Jul. 2018
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Aug. 2018
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Sept 2018
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Oct. 2017

Nov. 2018

Jan 2019
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Focus Newsletter Archive
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Annual Report
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Annual Report
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Annual Report
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Mailing Notice

The high cost of printing and mailing the newsletter makes your support increasingly important.  We need your help in maintaining our newsletter.  Please send in your support at the level that fits your situation.  Also...please notify us when you move.  Once your newsletter is returned to us, another one is not sent until we receive an address update.  If you are not receiving the newsletter, please provide the Foundation with your name, graduating year and address.  Thank you.


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